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Air conditioners and Heat Pumps in Saint-André-Avellin

Air Conditioning

Our team can recommend both central or wall-mounted air conditioners, as well as any heat pumps. We carry a full range of high-quality residential air conditioning products. Our highly qualified team will meticulously install whatever unit or system best fits your needs.

Central Air

Central air conditioning units ensure uniform and efficient cooling throughout an entire space. The system includes installing a compressor on the building’s exterior, as well as a ventilation unit inside the building.

Everything is connected by an energy efficient air distribution network.

Wall-mounted Air Conditioner

When it is impossible to install a central air system, wall-mounted air conditioners are the most common, simple and compact solutions. These units are fastened to the wall (near the ceiling), and a compressor is installed on the building’s exterior.

Heat Pumps

A heat pump is a device that regulates the temperature of your residence all year long. It heats in the winter and cools in the summer. A heat pump is especially recognized for its capacity to maintain a steady temperature throughout a house, functioning according to your specific needs with a high degree of efficiency.

We carry different types of heat pumps: wall-mounted as well as those centrally installed through the ceiling and the floor.

Central Heat Pumps

With multiple functions, central heat pumps will keep your home comfortable all year long: air conditioning in the summer, heating in the winter, humidifying/dehumidifying and ventilation.

Wall-mounted Heat Pump

These units are made up of a compressor installed outside of the building, a distribution unit inside the building, and a remote control system to handle performance.

Just like a central heat pump, a mounted system can heat and cool. Furthermore, it is unobtrusive and discreet.

Ducted Heat Pump

Installed in the ceiling or under the floor, these units are powered by small ducts over short distances. This evenly distributes the hot or cold air.

Ceiling Cassette Heat Pump

Built right into the ceiling, this unit is ideal for rooms where wall and floor space is limited. Discreet and unobtrusive, it moves air throughout the entire room.

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