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Decorative siding

Decorative siding and coverings are an integral part of our work. This system covers all pipes and wiring to ensure a professional finish.

Wall-mounted heat pump - outdoor unit

Outdoor units can rest on blocks on the ground or can hang from the building. It is your choice!

Wall-mounted heat pump - indoor unit

electing the appropriate location to install an indoor unit is of utmost importance for optimizing the machine’s performance.

Abattoir Charron

Has been trusting Réfrigération RM since 2001.

This is the leading chicken slaughterhouse in the Outaouais region, slaughtering one thousand chickens per day. The company is always careful to respect the requirements outlined by MAPAQ (Quebec’s ministry for agriculture, fisheries and food). Consequently, in 2009, Abattoir Charron increased the capacity of their refrigerated units with the goal to meet all governmental norms. To achieve this, the company had to lower the temperature for slaughtered chickens from 41.8 degrees Celsius to 4 degrees Celsius in only four hours. Réfrigération RM is proud to have participated in this project. We installed a REFPLUS unit which effectively met our client’s needs and replaced their old system.

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